some things never changed

These close "joyah" friends of mine are one of the best gift I treasure . always cracking random jokes !

Glad that they are just as crazy as they were . 
Glad things never changed ! 
Glad we can still laugh regardless of our future upholds .

and of course, glad that subang parade never changed too lol
after all this 10 years the same shop layouts, the same ice cream shop , the same coffee shop is as it is. 

To an extend I praised alhamdulillah for this friendship . 
Will continue searching and keeping in contacts with my old friends . i hope everyone is in good health and remembered me.

had this conversation of the best place to meet everyone is at a friend's wedding. but i don't think wedding is all year , every weekend lol. time is always against me. 

so here's a review of the restaurant we went.
1) jibby&co , empire shopping gallery, subang jaya

the restaurant is situated in a very remote place. its not inside people. its near the parking lot outside the entrance.first thing you have to remember is the restaurant comes with 10% service charge + 6% government tax. ambience was good tho with 2 floors. but then again its really hot with the high ceiling and glass windows with allows the sun ray to generate like literally i was sweating.we sat downstair with our own sofa and table. and worst the menu "card" was just a plain black and white paper. a major no no for me.   we ordered 3 different main dish.
the first one was

a)soft shell crab burger RM 29
it comes with fries and a dip sauce.
the dip sauce was good , very creamy crab and sour taste . it goes well with the dry fries thats dry but with lots of seasoning.
the burger is well just fine. the crab was soft and yummy but the bun gives it a downgrade . the bun is too plain. not worth the value of my pocket money.
all in all its 3/5
b) meat "something something i don't remember" pizza RM32
this is worth it. well its big and u can actually share it with 2-3 persons. as a big eater myself, i will die eating it alone and to have ur friend to share it with you is highly recommended. the crust is think and the meat, pepperoni, chicken and bbq sauce is just well done. the taste is close to, if i am not mistaken pizza hut bbq chicken pizza. lastly theres a sprinkle of "leaf" (excuse my lack of knowledge)
overall it was good 4.5/5
c) its the meat lasagna ! rm 32
square shaped lasagna but very very thick and bath in avocado and tomato minced meat sauce. on top theres a thick bread cut in 3 as decoration perhaps ?lol the taste is really meaty and will make u bored.unless if u are a fan of red sauce then this is for you.
total score 3.5/5

as for the waters i wasn't quite tempted with the price and yea we just ordered sky juice and it was foc.

2) upstairs cafe in SS12
its right in front of the subang jaya medical center . the name says its all . small and cozy cafe with a balcony if you smoke. the service was good too except they only accept payment by cash. your order will be sent straight to ur table non the less.
ordered, peanut butter chocolate cake, chocolate brownie, creme brûlée and hot green tea latte for the drink.
and mark my word , it was all too sweet.
i am giving 2/5


Sumpah Bapak joyah Gila 
Smua ckap dah kurus tp dlm gambar Mmg sentiasa tembam.Redha. lol  
Lagi lama saya duk Malaysia lagi X sabar Nak start up business .insyallah dipermudahkan. 
Tapi saya still X tahu Nak kerja apa nnt. 
Yg penting after membanting tulang bekerja bawah org saya tekad utk jd Cikgu mahupun penceramah utk naikkan semangat anak3 bangsa kita yg berpotensi tetapi tidak berpeluang Dan keyakinan. 
Tidak teringin saya utk terus kejar Dan berada di paras tinggi yang betstatus dan berpangkat tinggi tanpa hati yg mulis.



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