Summer 2015

[VERY long post alert] 
And so hello. 
I rarely post but this time, my trip this  was a success trip thanks to these people's contribution. Therefore it's an appreciation post to the people I met during my 2 weeks trip crossing 8 countries and 10 cities( I think roughly LOL ) 
Thank you for the fun and fruitful nights  ( HAHA ) and also informative city tours of your city ! 
The city wouldn't be great if it's just the typical beautiful building . Personally its just steels and bricks without a soul. Let's imagine if u take away all the landmarks, there will be nothing left. Nothing . As I am (quite) a chatterbox, traveling needs interaction, emotion , and a significant impact that resemblance the city. Thus,  you can only achieve that by connecting with the people . It's nice to have a good long chit chat with old and new friends. Plus not only I get to meet my Malaysian friends(far far away) , but on the last day of my trip, met my uncle who was accompanying my aunt working in Den Haag . Can't imagine how people could travel back and forth through different continent and time zone for the sake of "job" . It was indeed a pleasant surprise ! 

Nevertheless, to all the my friends, may our path cross again in the future :) 

First of, thank you to Sofian for spending your time with us ! Sorry I was just too high and crazy for you to handle after a long day of work lol . and of course thank you to ur cliques too, marina, Monica, (Andrew) and max ! You guys are just too cool to work in a bank ( lol) keep up the cool Paris vibe ! 

To my Malaysian friends living in Elsa cottage, London thank you for the hospitality. Ur house was huge and just abundance of great food ! Love , love , love the cooking ! But what's better are having a good ( and funny ) long chat in the Eve's hour . Let's have a meet up in Japan ! Weeeeehoooo ! 

To my dear Annina, thank for for coming all the way to airport and showed us Zurich ! Tho time wasn't on our side,  we had a lovely time and ur family were just so welcoming. On that day itself, it makes me missed my family back home in Malaysia and I definitely gonna go back to Switzerland  for the second (maybe third ) time . LOL talking to ur dad on the current political and global issues were mind exercising and informative. Something that I love :)

As of shawna, thank you very much is all I can say. Don't know how I could reply ur deed tho. You really helped us getting on the right train in Luxembourg ! Why and just why the construction had to be done when we are traveling there lol .  Learn a lot about the the Europe itself and do come to Asia again ! :)) 

Of course Sebastian. Talk about the high-tech world of Facebook, it keeps us in touch through this time . Not only you ( virtually ) recommend to the cafe and pastries shops in Paris (we are sweet tooth partners lol ) , Amsterdam is indeed a cute city with its own gem. Tho food was just normal but the view and the warm people were really helpful. And yea, still feel bad for taking ur family time with ur mom in the weekend . What ever it is , thank you ! And hope I will get a positive feedback on ur trip to Malaysia. I am prepared for your absolute French style of complain  lol 

Not forgetting my uncle and aunt who took the train to Amsterdam just to see ur nephew(me)  , thank you ! How I miss my family back home , but again how lucky I am to meet my family million miles across the world. This heals abut of my homesick sickness lol Hope you enjoy ur holiday in the northern countries later  !!!!! 

Lastly to the person that make this possible and provide me with countless lame jokes ( my checks were sore due to excessive laughing ) 
My travel partner FUMI ! You are just great the way you are ! Let's make our dreams become reality , shall we ;) !? 



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