early feb

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله

its february.
makin lama makin saya rasa iman saya berkurang. seriously, hamba aqilah ini pohon keampunan from you , Allah. i feel so messed up. not a single thing that i do , i felt the barakah. i thought i have done a good job, but the satisfaction is not there. i can seems to feel it. kebab tu saya rasa saya peril berada dekat ngn mu , ya Allah.

this few days i have been studying with a study partner. i gotta say this finals, i start studying early but it still seems that nothing is ever going to finish. unlike my past exams, i always study the night before. is it getting hard or is it there are not any barakah in my doings.

nak ckap saya alim mmg too far, but too wild isn't either. glad (alhamdulillah) that i am just well, a bit wild than an aim person lol. although words of alhamdulillah , zikir , and selawat comes out of my mouth , but i don't think i actually embrace it. something that i need to improve in myself .

regarding my friend whom i studied this few days, she wrote a diary and also an account book. something that is not that rare among the girls but rare among my circle of friends. she wrote every week ever since she start university . i salute her for that. actually i admirer this friend of mine. thats all. i encourage people to write . seriously !

now, i got 8 papers to face starting this week. not forgetting reports that keeps coming for uncertain reason. i still don't get it why lecturers gives report on the eleventh hour. you know that students are usually busy with paper exam, why can't u make our (students) life and your (lecturers) life easier?

here goes for early february !
bismillah !

this week's new : the ISIS and japan is a non stop breaking news here in japan. i just could not keep up with the latest news. i leave that to the authorities and professionals.
and mad with the hacker incidents.
plus about the world monetary system is just too pain in the ass. all i can say is that the current world monetary system is all lies over lies to hide the main culprit that create it. there are just too many secrets in the world that well i don't encourage people to learn .

4-10 february  final exams
10-20 february travel to africa region
20 february to march intern


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