cheating death

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله 神様へ、、、

its a new year
its 2015.
and i am that kind of girl who well didn't really look forward for a new year resolution.
and in the seminar's class all 8 of us were ask our resolution , never the less my answer was a dorky one. since last year i went back to Malaysia 3 times this year i am planning to go back 4 times a year. LOL
and we had the best seminar ever (for me ) well because we had the whole 2 hours talking about travelling . its absolutely hilarious and how i wish every week is just like this week.

its been so long since i wrote an entry in a blog but this time i just have to. not because of its a new year post but because i just experience an incident where you can called it cheating death incident.

[5th January 2015]

it was first day of class in 2015, woke up as early as 3:15 am due to the smoke alarm that rang like crazy. to my shoke the whole room was filled smoke. like seriously gray ! all i could remembered was gray. but i was literally sleepy and wondering what in the world had happened. to my surprise my blanket caught on fire by the electric stove. just this one night i felt so cold and decided not to turn it off and this happened. took the blanket off the stove (smell like burning plastic and feathers) turn the kitchen fan on and also let the window open. after 5 minutes of so , close the window , climb the stairs and turn the alarm off. what was worrying me the whole time was
 if my neighbours are gonna wake up due to the sound?
 will they hate me for being loud and disturbing their sleep in the morning ?
 why were not anyone knocking my door ?
 is anyone around ?
 what is the fireman and landlord gonna say if they say my house all messy ?

well because (again i repeat) i was so sleepy, after telling myself everything is okay, i continued sleeping. yes, you read it right, i continue sleeping as if nothing happened. poor me. but thank you Allah for giving me this second chance. 
personally, well, living in this world is hard and isn't my cup of tea. but due to this incident, i felt that Allah gave me this second chance for a reason. just like everyone have their own reason to live in this world. so never gave up. He is there helping you, and sent others to support you along the way . keep smiling keep having faith and move on :) !

(small note) also had exam on the same morning which i did not study anything at all (tawakkal mode on) 


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