Monday, September 28, 2015

Summer 2015

[VERY long post alert] 
And so hello. 
I rarely post but this time, my trip this  was a success trip thanks to these people's contribution. Therefore it's an appreciation post to the people I met during my 2 weeks trip crossing 8 countries and 10 cities( I think roughly LOL ) 
Thank you for the fun and fruitful nights  ( HAHA ) and also informative city tours of your city ! 
The city wouldn't be great if it's just the typical beautiful building . Personally its just steels and bricks without a soul. Let's imagine if u take away all the landmarks, there will be nothing left. Nothing . As I am (quite) a chatterbox, traveling needs interaction, emotion , and a significant impact that resemblance the city. Thus,  you can only achieve that by connecting with the people . It's nice to have a good long chit chat with old and new friends. Plus not only I get to meet my Malaysian friends(far far away) , but on the last day of my trip, met my uncle who was accompanying my aunt working in Den Haag . Can't imagine how people could travel back and forth through different continent and time zone for the sake of "job" . It was indeed a pleasant surprise ! 

Nevertheless, to all the my friends, may our path cross again in the future :) 

First of, thank you to Sofian for spending your time with us ! Sorry I was just too high and crazy for you to handle after a long day of work lol . and of course thank you to ur cliques too, marina, Monica, (Andrew) and max ! You guys are just too cool to work in a bank ( lol) keep up the cool Paris vibe ! 

To my Malaysian friends living in Elsa cottage, London thank you for the hospitality. Ur house was huge and just abundance of great food ! Love , love , love the cooking ! But what's better are having a good ( and funny ) long chat in the Eve's hour . Let's have a meet up in Japan ! Weeeeehoooo ! 

To my dear Annina, thank for for coming all the way to airport and showed us Zurich ! Tho time wasn't on our side,  we had a lovely time and ur family were just so welcoming. On that day itself, it makes me missed my family back home in Malaysia and I definitely gonna go back to Switzerland  for the second (maybe third ) time . LOL talking to ur dad on the current political and global issues were mind exercising and informative. Something that I love :)

As of shawna, thank you very much is all I can say. Don't know how I could reply ur deed tho. You really helped us getting on the right train in Luxembourg ! Why and just why the construction had to be done when we are traveling there lol .  Learn a lot about the the Europe itself and do come to Asia again ! :)) 

Of course Sebastian. Talk about the high-tech world of Facebook, it keeps us in touch through this time . Not only you ( virtually ) recommend to the cafe and pastries shops in Paris (we are sweet tooth partners lol ) , Amsterdam is indeed a cute city with its own gem. Tho food was just normal but the view and the warm people were really helpful. And yea, still feel bad for taking ur family time with ur mom in the weekend . What ever it is , thank you ! And hope I will get a positive feedback on ur trip to Malaysia. I am prepared for your absolute French style of complain  lol 

Not forgetting my uncle and aunt who took the train to Amsterdam just to see ur nephew(me)  , thank you ! How I miss my family back home , but again how lucky I am to meet my family million miles across the world. This heals abut of my homesick sickness lol Hope you enjoy ur holiday in the northern countries later  !!!!! 

Lastly to the person that make this possible and provide me with countless lame jokes ( my checks were sore due to excessive laughing ) 
My travel partner FUMI ! You are just great the way you are ! Let's make our dreams become reality , shall we ;) !? 


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

いや、天気はおかしいっぽよー!ww 仕事で外出するから、だるい!!!家でゴロゴロしていいなー
今朝晴れて、急にに昼まで雪降ってるし、風も強かったし最後はまた晴れて来た!笑この激しい変化はまさかそろそろ冬の季節終わるかなあーっと思いながら、いきなり高校の友達から連絡された!(⌒▽⌒)びっくりしたよ!久しぶりに(17才に高校卒業から)話さなかったよ!!色々話して、超嬉しいけど、その子はだいぶ成長したね!(^ ^)私と比べたら、自分はダメだと気がする。周りの友達は自分の会社持ってる人もいるし、総合会社に勤める人もし、結婚したし、世界のトップランキングの大学で勉強してるが、自分と比べたら、どう?むしろ、比べられない。

Monday, February 2, 2015

Sunday night

And I think I should really get a hold of myself. Why am I so weak .

Sunday, February 1, 2015

early feb

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله

its february.
makin lama makin saya rasa iman saya berkurang. seriously, hamba aqilah ini pohon keampunan from you , Allah. i feel so messed up. not a single thing that i do , i felt the barakah. i thought i have done a good job, but the satisfaction is not there. i can seems to feel it. kebab tu saya rasa saya peril berada dekat ngn mu , ya Allah.

this few days i have been studying with a study partner. i gotta say this finals, i start studying early but it still seems that nothing is ever going to finish. unlike my past exams, i always study the night before. is it getting hard or is it there are not any barakah in my doings.

nak ckap saya alim mmg too far, but too wild isn't either. glad (alhamdulillah) that i am just well, a bit wild than an aim person lol. although words of alhamdulillah , zikir , and selawat comes out of my mouth , but i don't think i actually embrace it. something that i need to improve in myself .

regarding my friend whom i studied this few days, she wrote a diary and also an account book. something that is not that rare among the girls but rare among my circle of friends. she wrote every week ever since she start university . i salute her for that. actually i admirer this friend of mine. thats all. i encourage people to write . seriously !

now, i got 8 papers to face starting this week. not forgetting reports that keeps coming for uncertain reason. i still don't get it why lecturers gives report on the eleventh hour. you know that students are usually busy with paper exam, why can't u make our (students) life and your (lecturers) life easier?

here goes for early february !
bismillah !

this week's new : the ISIS and japan is a non stop breaking news here in japan. i just could not keep up with the latest news. i leave that to the authorities and professionals.
and mad with the hacker incidents.
plus about the world monetary system is just too pain in the ass. all i can say is that the current world monetary system is all lies over lies to hide the main culprit that create it. there are just too many secrets in the world that well i don't encourage people to learn .

4-10 february  final exams
10-20 february travel to africa region
20 february to march intern

Sunday, January 25, 2015

january juggle

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله

so its january , its a very long month for me.
tho i am free, i couldn't get myself form the overloading work and reports in uni.

last year was a pack year for me. i didn't met new people that much.
this year, how should i shape my my ambitious 2015 is still a wonder.

a friend of mine told me that i should look back of what i have done, and search for the reason behind those doing. maybe my aims are too high. maybe i am lacking of a substance to go forward.

last night party i met a handful of new people. some are from a place you never heard before, some who is well, have to looks exactly like the locals, and some came from a super rich family.
kazakhstan, only a handful got the best education and they end up going abroad. you can say these people is pretty darn rich. that includes the Chinese too. i have been mingling with so many people from different class to the extend i am somehow grateful of who i am. but i could not forget this guy whom i met during PAU . he said

you are lucky and did a good job to be able to mingle with the upper class

and i thought, shouldn't it be the opposite? shouldn't it be that the upperclass gets to mingle with the lower class is where the true way should be ? i was pretty lump and dump to not reply his words, or more like i am just in the mood of agreeing and not create any conflict. this relates to where i grew up it is a very safe, average, peaceful home. obviously you would wish to change that for a better , wouldn't you? its the matter of are you ( am i ) ready for the risk?

and my very very very helpful senior talked to me and encourage me to do what i want, and never hesitate to ask his help nor his assistance. whether i am going to do it through his company or associated with his company, either way both seems promising. i pray i beg i could get hold (secure) of an idea really quick.
aim big ? aim crazy ?

and in the midst of all this school, life, and goal, you start to know who are your true friend. who is there to really help you, and who broke ur promise until the very last minute. how it hurt so much, but getting mad, despair, angry at those people, are just a waste of time, and non would be a better favour for both of the party. i just could not get angry face to face because i know a "girl" war would start, and who knows when will it end. let me just keep it and buried in soundly. let there be no more spark for a fight.

heres for the finals.
may be force be with me

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

cheating death

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله 神様へ、、、

its a new year
its 2015.
and i am that kind of girl who well didn't really look forward for a new year resolution.
and in the seminar's class all 8 of us were ask our resolution , never the less my answer was a dorky one. since last year i went back to Malaysia 3 times this year i am planning to go back 4 times a year. LOL
and we had the best seminar ever (for me ) well because we had the whole 2 hours talking about travelling . its absolutely hilarious and how i wish every week is just like this week.

its been so long since i wrote an entry in a blog but this time i just have to. not because of its a new year post but because i just experience an incident where you can called it cheating death incident.

[5th January 2015]

it was first day of class in 2015, woke up as early as 3:15 am due to the smoke alarm that rang like crazy. to my shoke the whole room was filled smoke. like seriously gray ! all i could remembered was gray. but i was literally sleepy and wondering what in the world had happened. to my surprise my blanket caught on fire by the electric stove. just this one night i felt so cold and decided not to turn it off and this happened. took the blanket off the stove (smell like burning plastic and feathers) turn the kitchen fan on and also let the window open. after 5 minutes of so , close the window , climb the stairs and turn the alarm off. what was worrying me the whole time was
 if my neighbours are gonna wake up due to the sound?
 will they hate me for being loud and disturbing their sleep in the morning ?
 why were not anyone knocking my door ?
 is anyone around ?
 what is the fireman and landlord gonna say if they say my house all messy ?

well because (again i repeat) i was so sleepy, after telling myself everything is okay, i continued sleeping. yes, you read it right, i continue sleeping as if nothing happened. poor me. but thank you Allah for giving me this second chance. 
personally, well, living in this world is hard and isn't my cup of tea. but due to this incident, i felt that Allah gave me this second chance for a reason. just like everyone have their own reason to live in this world. so never gave up. He is there helping you, and sent others to support you along the way . keep smiling keep having faith and move on :) !

(small note) also had exam on the same morning which i did not study anything at all (tawakkal mode on)