Sunday, October 19, 2014

tokai agm

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله

i love tokai i love the people and i wish i hadn't mingle with the tokyo people from the start.
its true in tokyo all the opportunities are there but hey one's the seed in rotten the flesh shows. (my idiom ) HAHA ! i wish i can stay in this ukhwah forever.
so yes, every weekend i am not at home. sorry . the current house is a mess but forgive me as i wish to re-furnish my house with better furniture and decorations. but gotta save a lot of money for that. (sweat)

so yes back to tokai story, the agm was so peaceful, just dinner together and then the real event starts .  nothing called propaganda "fishing" for peoples vote or anything. just a very simple and harmonious event. nothing political nothing personal just peaceful club for unity i hope.
for them its been a while since guys and girl get together for such event and it was quite awkward. i well never the less couldn't hide my true nature of mingling with everybody. call me any names u want but i aint a hypocrite for sure. will stick to my roots ! YOLO

the real main plan of going there is actually to help the tokai and to know whats really going on. and also to put me into their ajk.the strategy was they are support to lobby me in front of the crowd. gotta say i felt betrayed by the 2 so called ajk of kuj tokyo. or is it me who don't understand the situation . what ever it is thats the ugly truth about human. they don't walk the talk. humans are unpredictable and theres no way (prevent me Allah) from becoming like those people.
either way with no sense of hesitance i elect myself as my own ajk of shizuoka. fck but yea fck ! whatever it is, i already have a secured post in tokyo so why i want a post in tokai ? to re-build the tokai kuj. to help and support and above all to have friendly working environment.
and theres always an individual who takes thing for themselves. having all those "talks" saying well bragging to be exact about themselves. my my my thats so not my way. what more promoting their company and all. speaking of company can i really ask, did ur pay tax for all the income you got ?!

the best part of it is met some familiar faces in gifu and also super senior of mine who graduated and works in nagoya. plus, met long lost friend of ibt too! a lot of them ! my housemates and also the "member" from my batch. thanx for the ride! wish had more time to just sit and have a long deep talk. i can share my experience all day cuz will never have those awkward XY-XX feeling. what ever it is, good luck chasing what you want. just be confident !
and this morning read my zemi book with the accompany of a very lovely senior. she had this morning sickness (so-the-called) cuz she was pregnant. my my my preggie while studying ? can't imagine those strong heart people. thats what drove me to write this blog and finish my work by tonight no matter what ! hey hey ho !

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week work !

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الحمد لله

and its the healths and sports day holiday in japan .
so the past few weekends i am barely at my home.
last week was aidiladha , this week had ASEAN fest and also homeless project.
the next day went to help a group of production people to do their shooting in shibuya
no handsomely rewarded pay check was made, but only a gratitude of some amount.

asean fest was a mess. received the wrong mc text which was used last year (plus half and hour before the event starts with the most micro font size that i have ever seen before )
glad that my session was the last and meaning i got 3 hours to mend and translate the english text to japanese. what ever it is the task u got, how horrible it is , u just gotta get it done and thats how i did it. having trouble translating of course so putting egoism aside, i asked for japanese help ! all hail japanese ! yay !
but gotta admit my emcee wasn't awesome had problem as in how to make it informal. wasn't good in creating a crowd or anything cuz i have been really formal and serious in doing emcee. but its a good and new experience for this tiny individual from shizuoka. and yea phillipines had a hell of a fashion show. they had a live singing and awesome storyline ! why didn't malaysia think of that ?!

that night went well with the charity event of homeless project in shinjuku .
but there was this incident where the lady shouted back at the volunteer because they didn't greet her in anyway and just left the food by her sleeping area. guessed that she had this egoism where she was taken back by giving her free food. she said she can get it (buy it) with her own money and she doesn't need it for free. some were startled and stunned by her high pitch voice but, not to brag i had this experienced ways too much. simply words of (excuse) came out of my mouth, with my hands shut down, bowing for apologies. then came the leader of the event, saying sorry but he was by accident putting his hands on the shoulder (adjusting his backpack), and this made the lady even angrier . but somehow somewhat the situation was under control.

i gotta say from the volunteer homeless project i learnt but i believed that it is not enough . tho in the group i talk the most and yet i felt not enough. i wonder to those who didn't ask any question or didn't event make an effort to go in front and have a conversation what do they get by the end of the day ?

then the day after went to shibuya for some interviewing session. learnt to hold the mic the proper way but failed the art of attraction. i got to know this mass media guy who is now a freelancer working for a show in tv al-hijrah. what ever it is to get a project, one need to have that will to fight and also the talking mouth . omg !
never the less met a mauled who converted to islam and married a converted japanese lady too. he was from shizuoka ken, unfortunately he cut all his connection with his family due to the conversion. sad and inspiring story to share actually.
all in all alhamdulillah
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Japanese love story literature

Something to think about

nak termuntah i baca kisah jiwang japanese literature ni. banyak sangat la les curang nya dan banyak sangat la ketagihan untuk dapatkan perhatian lelaki. saya perlu pembersihan jiwa ! ASAP !