summer ends

and bismillah
summer just end. its new semester new weather new change of clothes.
its Autumn !

this year too many event touches my hearts and too many incident that make me grew stronger , better and insyallah towards the right way.

  • the shortest ramadhan that i ever felt 
  • aidilfitri with exam 
  • met and awesomely supportive friend by coincidence in a coffee shop
  • a heartbreaking final exam 
  • did 2 internship in japan
  • climbed mount fuji 
  • went to hokkaido with an awesome exchange student friend (no one can be replace )
  • went to greece with malaysian friends
  • went to turki and fall for the whole night
and now, new semester kicks in , i still haven't get a hang of it. i am suppose to study really well cuz thats what people keep on telling me. but what i really want to do is another different story.
some may think i should chase my dream, but personally in life it isn't actually ur happiness that counts. seeing others being happy is actually the utmost happiness that you can achieve. 
to do for others is better than for yourself.
never be snobbish.

and today had presentation with my intern mates. its in dead nerve wrecking . whats worst is that, i realised that i lost my communication skills, i don't event look at the audiences eyes, i end up just reading those darn boring slides. why does it feels that i am becoming more and more japanese. lets be neutral, in this case, lets not follow how japanese way of presenting. lets talk more and write less. sadly i knew all that, but yet my actions are gradually becoming like the locals. and one more thing that i discover is the japanese way of thinking really is complicated. everything has to be detailed. a slideshow needs to have a story behind it. not just a plain story but without one , you slide show presentation ant worth it .
and i am going to take lesson and try to change myself.
amin ! 


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