Salam eidul adha !

Today was my first time celebrating Malaysian event at the embassy . And let's go straight to the point. Malaysia Embassy in japan ,well I won't say it suck completely but it's well managed ? I mean the food is like cheap and come on its eidul adha ( hari raya korban) so meat is like the main menu ( supposedly ) yet we are eating curry and rice and bread. There's only one option for meat which is the fried chicken. Maybe I am whining and complaining but please that's like basic. this isn't rocket science for haven't sake. To cater for 300 plus guest who's coming is indeed hard but at least show more effort please .

The praying area was comfortable tho ! Kudos on that :)

Met lots of kantou people and lots of Malaysia who work in japan too. The real Palm was to go house hoping but end up at one house only because well everyone end up gathering at the house we visited . Easy job :)
Went to this MAS officer's house and mingle with their children . The oldest boy said that he has been staying abroad for well since he is 6 years old. And now he is 15 years old. I won't say I am jealous of his life ( mainly because they can't speak the national language ) it's not their fault since they were enrolled in British international school but, family should encourage to speak the mother tongue language. Plus, what I love about living in Malaysia is u always have friends and family to hang out with. Imagine your life keep on moving and won't have that sense of belonging for one place. Cuz ur heart keeps changing to adapt to the new atmosphere . And because of that I am grateful living a normal life. Entering the house was so soothing. It's as if I am not in japan ( but not in Malaysia either) lol because of the house layout and an open garden. I miss my home. It's not big but just enough for me. Well I actually miss my family like crazy.

but theres this one feeling sparks in my heart, what if i stay abroad and not go back to malaysia. as much as i wanna help my own country, why not help it in the other way. thats from far. as much as i love malaysia sometimes you feel like taking the easy job you know. forget about all the problem and let the others handle. but what if the leaders aren't the smart people you wished for, then u ought to put the blame on yourself because you aren't participating in shaping the new malaysia and trying to escape the obligation by becoming a normal citizen . aaaaah ! i am so not good in expressing my feelings. now i am confused more whether to stay and work in japan or go back to malaysia. Ya Allah please guide me. but for now all i have to do is finish my study aint i. what else can i do apart from this ?

btw yea we are having rays in the rain. typhoon is coming to japan. japan is just to dangerous but hey we are still surviving. not to mention my bus was delayed for 3 hours. omg !
pray for my internship presentation tomorrow. since i can't attend the real day, gonna take a video and just play it during the real presentation day. talk about technology .

some pictures for the day


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