Tuesday, February 11, 2014


and its my birthday .

waking up with all the wishes is something that i won't forget.
love the people around me.
things that i learnt up till this moment are something that i won't forget.
islam taught me everything in life. its all written. islam won't ask you to sit back and just read alquran and learn about life. you have to try it yourself. you have to work it to own it ! thats barakah . Allahuakhbar

although you give 100% to others, you won't get it back 100%, those are the feeling that i have to conquer. though i know the reality but i always lives in fantasy cause it seems promising. but there will be a point where reality and fantasy divine.
this lesson will help me prepare if i wanna make my own foundation. a foundation to help others.
and some will forget you along the way, while others will love you more.
i promised myself to have a big heart to not becoming a selfish, but putting others ahead of you.
and i will try to strive to be one even with the negative atmosphere surrounding me.those atmosphere will actually help me through the day.

keep praying for finals.

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