and its a new year 2014 ~ !

haven't been writing much ? nah i shall say i am lying if i say i haven't been writing much , in fact i haven't been writing anything at all. and new year is here. i am turning 21 years old which i didn't find interesting at all. more challenges came , more task to be shows how a lazy person like me think. everything is troublesome , everything is hard, but ironically i actually love challenges.  theres the duniawi and akhirawi. whatever it is,the main topic that i wanna focus in this post is

 status .

the human race society is indeed big. i would say you are lying to say that the world is small when u met the people from the past, it is actually The Almighty, Allah's will that u met each other. what i am trying to say is that there is alway a reason for what had happened. that part is qada' and qadar. i aint that expert in religion just yet but somehow islam make me stable. please don't have the misunderstanding that muslim are weak because without religion they can't move on, its just that islam make you strong towards the right and calm way. some might stop reading my post to this point because i am touching the sensitive issue in Malaysia which is , religion. say, think, mock what ever u like, that is ur freedom to do so and as for me it is my freedom to write .

incident happens and that brought me to this point that i will do what i feel at the same time think what is right and carry on . while if others think its disturbing , thats fine. i aint gonna cross your line. because the world , the society has a variety of status.everyone isn't the same. theres the mediocre , poor, aristocrat , rich and more. when i was in subang jaya i am the most angelic person ( as i recalled ) but as i go out to the world , went to a boarding school , i met lots of different kinds of people. from all background. though my boarding school isn't "that" diverse but it had shown me , opened my eye to many types of good people. i met a lot of people smarter than me, richer than me, poorer than me , stupider than me, more athletic than me and the list goes on . and even that not-so-small-not-so-big subang jaya theres so many level and different people with different status . then as i leave high school with a very clean and confident CV, i met the most outgoing, genius people and fun people in college. but what amaze me is that status isn't being measured there, the most satanic , or the most obnoxious students looks the same from the outside. i couldn't find the big gap in status. then when i decided to switch program and went to japan preparation school i had the utmost culture shock in my life. i had met a new "species'' or shall i say a new level of status . it isn't as variety as i expected but its the same typical norm status kind of people. then now, i am surrounded by japanese, a whole new level of status .

to cut short, with of kinds of status in this world , which would you choose to be close with ?
what am i gonna do in my future undertakings ?
am i gonna go deep into the malaysian upper-high rank status people ?
or am i gonna be modest and blend with the majority ?

as u go up the ladder , we get a higher status, higher pay, higher egoism .
so be careful ! :D


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