Saturday, February 9, 2013


okay i dont.celebrate valentine. but oh my ! i want this card so bad !!!! anyone ? be my bloody valentine just for.this time please ?

Friday, February 8, 2013

down under

and here goea it. i went down south to johor.
i rasa last i went was, hurmm when saya still tak pakai tudung ?!. lol. lama tuh. now obviously, dah turun johor nih legoland la jawapannya. previously i always heard negative feedback bout it, well even malaysian themselves said it. so i witness it with myself. hahaha. my first impression is COMEL !
okay la, if i wanna compare to tokyo disneyland mmg tak sama taraf la kan. tokyo tuh the biggest nih , legoland still baru bukak. nmpak sangat diorg nak test market. my parents whom were just sitting round drinking coffee at the cafe, were approached by one of the staff, i mean no regular staff cuz their uniform is different, on how is the legoland. okay ayat english ak keling. bluek ! so now, the hotel and waterpark is under construction . non other than sunway corporation itself. reasonable la kan. sunway lagoon pon diorg buat.

and yea today berjaya help my friend on well kinda in telling the ugly truth my we should spend and have integrity as malaysian. spend inside the malaysia , to help the malaysia economy. grrrrrr boring talk.

so but today what i wanna emphasize is on how shocking it is, to see there is still people scrambling the garbage for food. ade org kaya boleh memilih mknn. oh world.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


and a mother ask her daughter what did she want for her 20th birthday. the daughter replied a diamond ring. then the mother asked again, why that when she can have it from solemnization of  marridge. and she replied, because i dont want to get married.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


okay today is all about gratitude

i'm annoyed that is why i write. here goes nothing to me, something to everyone

scholarship? hard to get ?
yea right . theres gizillion of opportunities now. seriously if you didnt get right after SPM u can get it after foundation Insyallah . so chillax theres alway oppurtunity out there. just waiting for you to grab it . seriosuly speaking.

so why insult your own scholar ?
if you dont like the way it handles you . then dont take it. like i said in my previous post, dont take the scholar because of who sponsored you. take because of the course they sponsored you and how they treat you. dont rush , think, research first on the scholarship given . nothing is that easy .

and now, what bothers me is that people whine to much . nah it is not wrong, complaints are very good for improvement . but hey watch your words. i wouldnt go to the bound of saying all those meany words and despicable sentences if i am still under that scholar. you are still gonna need their help. if you are that great , if you dont like it that much , then leave.

its a shame to you and that scholar.
 though how shitty they did to you always try your best to repay back in a good way. i believe Islam taught us all this. try exchanging the word scholars to parents. it might be too big to compare at least something closer to all of us. you wouldnt open out and speak out their darkside in public wouldnt you ?

lol and dont get me wrong. i am not supporting monocratic but i do support democratic. sometimes people complaint too much and at the wrong place. and i myself is a no 1 complainer . once i find it wrong i will say out . i will point out. but to the right person in charge.

bazir air liur je ckap bagai nak rak weyh ! malukan diri ade la