Friday, January 25, 2013

maulud nabi

salam maal hijrah 1434 !
basically lets selawat banyak le atas Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.
when i was a kid, i always asked myself, why i wasnt born in the era as the Prophet. nak teringin sangat jumpa Baginda..... and he is the best and most perfect guy you could ever find. :3

the masjid in taman desa. sangat aktif. hebat ! padahal major kat sini is non-muslim. perhaps because they are the minority that they turned out to be a very united community.

then , early morning i managed to send some ps games to my friends house. what became the issue was, as i text him i'm on the way, boleh pulak hang g mandi. weyh ak just wanna hand over the games la, like i noticed you mandi ke tak. lol . very hygenic person i'll say.

and along the way, my dad asked what to do with the money he saved for my education. i was like shocked! eh bapak ada simpan...? cet awat la tak habaq awai awai noh~! penat eden belajar ejar biasiswa..... 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


living with human nuisance is absurdly stressful and unbearable. only the fittest survive .

cant agree no.more. cuz its me who create it lol ! okay .

yesterday i just had my presentation . well i wont brag much but im pretty happy and satisfied with my outcome. the presentation is like a whole life circle. its includes everything, death , science, birth and even meaningful message. what ever the comment will be, i am just happy the way it is.

i am just annoyed with people you are always around. probably because you are bored, but i just miss my subang jaya. i am not trying to boast , but that place is where my true childhood is. the people that i can be stupid with. i actually am missing my subang girls.

then today we had like loads of time to waste . morning nnth apa nnth buat handout. but all the current handout now is basically bout lifestyle in japan. then tea.ceremony, japan style syair and lastly origami. just before class end, we had to write letter of appriciation to the members of jckl for teaching us. lol. sgt la banyak masa weyhhhh

varsity.( taboo )

okay this post is all about varsity . here goes.

the project started with the idea to create the batch shirt. so then, the person in charge are voted and elected. so whatever.

conflict 1
what to do. girls wanted sweater like one of our girls were wearing. then some wanted sport jersey. some wanted sweater with hood like korean what so ever and the suggestion goes on .  so after much deliberation we went with varsity.

conflict 2
we had conflict with the names and design. during the holidays i ask them to give ideas of batch names and colour. thank you to those yg participate and excited bg names ,  design. then its the moment to vote., the the votes were cast and counted. this is the part where i start to get annoyed. they dont participate . if you didnt then just agree with the result.

[ order were placed at the shop. ]

conflict 3
we had our first varsity batch meeting at school. everyone was complaining bout the choosen name. but i say , thats the voting result. seriously why werent you alert on the notice given.  well i.understand some dont have the privilage of having internet 24/7 but you can tell the person in charge bout your prob and then we can help you. alas, the name of amigos is concluded during the meeting.

conflict 4
dateline. okay this first world problem the shop did not follow the due date. the reason given was we suddenly change the names and size at eleventh hour. wtf ?! it isnt that late okay. they still got plenty of times to get it settled. when a reminder was send a week before duedate, its as if they havent start a single thing.

conflict 5
so the varsity was picked up . tho the names in katakata wasnt done. for the sake of wearing it together during EJU. but they did one size wrong. reason, lost in factory . fcuk.

conflict 6
the varsity was not send back as schedule because we wanted the wrong size to be corrected. if not we wilk be on the negative side.

conflict 7
charge is different. at first they said its rm 7. then bla bla bla rm10. but obviously its rm 7 that were paid because only that amount was collected

conflict 8
instead of 31 only 30 varsity. there is one of us that didnt give back for names to be sew. what i find weird is, didnt you all count how many varsity.were there because sending it off .

so in conclusion i"ll say the varsity is taboo !

Monday, January 21, 2013

2nd last week.

so here i am finishing the last bits of ibt. oh how i wish this end quick. like real quick !

the past few weeks had been , well different and interesting. but that doesnt mean we are free from kanji test and textbook . yup thats right , we still study ! blurrgh !

but thankfully presentation by my fellow mates were fun. i think my only reason coming to school is to listen to my friends presentation and showing my best behavior, just so that i'll get good recomendation.

so basically of course i did skip school and hang out with some friends. lol it isnt entirely wrong considering everyone is doing it.

in contrast , there are 2 questions that really bothers me when people ask .

1. hows your result
2. when are you gonna finish ibt

goodness gracious , all i do to answer is just smile. dah terlalu letih and annoyed with those questions. perhaps i cpuld just throw a smile at them and they poof away. lol so what i thought