last hours

assalamualaikum and morning

i am now currently waiting for my flight back to hometown country , Malaysia :D
the feeling is mixed. half of me feel so excited and happy to come back home,  but another half of me feel sad, sad that i am gonnna move forward and left all the memories i collected during my first semester in university, sad that i didnt do well in my finals and yet i am having a celebration as if i had done the finals "so" well. its like i dont deserve to have such holiday to compared with the effort i put during the exam . but whats past is past. let bygone be bygone. all that is left is keep on istiqamah in praying and tawakkal everything to Him. he knows best !

i left my room in a hurry and catch the midnight bus and straight arrive at narita airport. and goodness me, i think i slept in the utmost ugly condition. but who cares since i aint gonna see those people in bus no more. i am so shocked that non are actually coming from eaurope country riding the bus. well its summer so i expect them to go back home to but its filled with japanese in the other word asian .

and frankly speaking i enjoyed my first semester like no one cares . every week its filled with non stop activities. its whether i go somewhere, or someone come to my place. everyday its full of laughter and interesting finding . but whats obvious is i know how japanese are really like and how they think , work, or even study . one conclusion i can make for the time being is, kansai people are very interesting and funny !

so till then . till we meet again and i will be writing from malaysai :D


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