and this happened. 
assalamualaikum and morning. 

i woke up early today . didnt know whats the reason Allah woke me up this early but i guess He made it happen so i can finish up my work. and yea i got lots of report and also gonna have to study for semester exam. it aint sound that bad isnt it. just a couple of of works to do.

and i quit my baito. not because i hate it but just because i got other priorities to think about. my real reason coming to japan isnt to work and enjoy life. i have my goal, more like i have my goal in life (which people here don't) it aint a bad thing, really. it just take time to set your own goal in life.

my goal is basically based on Islam basis. how crazy and maniac i may act. i am still a muslim. and i will forever hold to it, insyallah ! islam is the only religion that have every thing in life guided . islam is a way of life. it help me to always keep on going in life positively, never give up or look down. it is always there for me.

i was shocked when a friend of mine asked me, how could i always look so happy and cheerful ?
i was like , goodness . isnt that obvious. i am not gonna potray my sadness to the others.(still trying my best on this) if i do so, the people around me will get the impact of my sadness. and then the sadness will infect everyone. (dammit ! my english is corroding) plus if and only if failure occur in my life, i believe Allah always plan it better. there are always a reason to his each and every action . so never stop trying cuz Allah has set a better future for you. and challenges are given to those who is capable to endure it. He knows all. Allahu Akbar. 


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