Saturday, July 13, 2013


and its holiday again

its 3days holiday here in japan (which rarely happen) but i aint planning on going for a holiday . how stupid was i .
should have gone somewhere and use my time wisely.

but the freaking thing that keeps me thinking all the time is actually the fact that everyday there's an event needed to be attend. why cant everything just happen on the same day ? i prefer a day to be really packed rather than one event per day. its like i am restricted to go somewhere far. grrrrrr plus what makes me mad or rather sad is that i got no one to go to Harry Potter exhibition together. major turn down. but somehow, its true, "rezeki Allah luas" kalau bukan sekarang nnt ada rezeki lain kan . sebab tuh la we have to keep on striving and never give up  . and thats why i am just thankful that i am a Muslim. maybe i aint a complete muslim yet but every small steps count. you dont expect to change 180 degree just in one night. that is something that the people here dont understand . i just wish they receive the hidayah from the All Mighty . i just wish they would embrace the beauty of what i am experiencing . Okay !

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