this afternoon was a bit of a story to share. while i was busy shopping., suddenly i bump onto this group of ladies. im like hurmmmmn speechless. trying my best to like cover up. why? cuz they look so familiar.

macam kenal je ye dok. LOL tapi salah sorang dr geng tuh start ckap. mcm kenal je . *giggles* saya pun ulang balik ayat tuh . nnth apa lagi nak ckap. cover cover jugak la kan . tapi, cepat gila minah nih cam i, dia terus ckap 

"Budak Fist Aust"

im like . yea yea. while nodding.

"Kita org budak RCMP. senior korang"

ah ! padan la mcm cam je kan. muka muka jumpa waktu al-mulk. tho i selalu gak ponteng. tapi im not the top gang la ! siap2 pernah receive call supaya balik from lepak and baca al-mulk. *dush ! mmg la i nih naughty . nak baca surah pendek tuh pun , punya la banyak alasan dan helah dibuatnya. but the amaze-ball is they remembered me. truthfully i am well i considered myself as the not so standout team. so , these ladies have some pretty sharp memory after 2 years.

but actually those girls are actually friendly. i asked why are you all here in KL shopping ? cuz i got a friend in rcmp too and she is having exam. and so the spill out la bla bla bla second year thingy. but frankly i am just speechless what to converse. yea, i disgust these rcmp dulu. again i repeat DULU.  they were the HOT yet gedik girls IMO that well i seem to care less. gang gedik and budget mmg gua tak layan ah babe. cuz i got the world to myself when i was in KMKN. ahhhhh mah gusta ! i miss those memories. why la bila nak fly nih, di ambang ambang akhir nih, all those good memories came back . was trying to forget bout that place you know. the 3 months of my life. maybe not for some but for me it means everything.

p/s : i still got so many things to buy, prepare and contact. Insyallah everything will be on time !


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