at last parents are back from thailand.
yes i got family in thailand and singapore ( and of course Malaysia ) see, i mmg la org melayu kan. area sini je, takdak campoq campoq nya .

and so no parents (ade parents pon) play game and watch series. tapi hari ni is just dope !
how sick can it be bila dlm game i nampak kubur and i baca Al- Fatihah ?! seriously ? mcm loading sikit, then baru i sedar oh apa nih its game LOL

and tomorrow starts my BTN for a week at meru Klang. while the aaj got at klia btn camp with is well the hospitality is much better with private rooms and all. unlike us dorm . oh well, you just gotta bersyukur isnt it ? Alhamdulillah btn with intec (korea), mfi (france) and last minute guest msi (spain). talk about different country with different language !  then its usrah right after btn ends, later pre departure . oh my ! hectic. but hey march masih ada !

here is list of items to bring that senpai shared on fb , so i am sharing this too . hope it helps :D

and yesterday , hurm ? nothing interesting happened to me today but my fingers just felt like typing and ideas just felt like going out somewhere, and the blog is the answer

and so, early this morning, my junior suddenly IM me asking whether i got a form 1 sister in langkawi. say what ? sorry i am the last child. the juniors where so excited and making up conclusion which isnt real at all . HAHA but at least its somewhat a discovery. i yet found another human being that looks like me ! yea. my face is a typical face , perhaps should considered myself to be a double agent should i ? LOL

i remembered when i was still schooling in subang jaya, an SU sejarah teacher look like me. well my friend teased me a lot so i knew. lol miss u man, wonder where are you now, i remembered i called him joker, never care to ask his real name cuz he is just my tuition friend.

then a friend of mine from taping said her schoolmate looks like me, and guess what this time i met face to face with that girl. sadly if you ask me, well i wont say we look similar but maybe a tiny bit.

one day i went to this saloon, this lady who did my hair said she had a friend that look just like me. her friend is an air stewardess working oversea but obviously much taller than i am . that is sad. i am short . she said when i came at her saloon she was shocked like how could her friend be here in Malaysia , is it some kind of a joke or what ? guess that i really look like her friend afterall since it cause her to think i am her friend's ghost LOL

and the last one was when i was on a flight and the air steward well, as i was boarding the plane, i noticed he somewhat stared at me differently , as if he wanted to say hi or something. but obeviously he didnt with my grumpy face who dares to even say hi. and so after the plane landed. i was grumpy still, but less. as i was walking to my way out, he asked whether we have met somewhere ? and oh my obviously no. asked my age and i said i am still a student impossible to be his friend LOL and that was it , till we meet again .

and so that was some few incidents but along the way there are still some that i met but couldnt remmbered it clearly. perhaps there are no prominent story behind it so its easy to forget. one thing is for sure, i am pure malay and my face is everywhere around asia. LOL

parents are still away and goodness my breakfast routine are like lelaki bujang dah. brothers all woek up late , dinner memang pizza je la kan . HAHA still havent done my birthday shopping


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