so here i am on a blissful february friday 15th .

lets start with the good story shall we ?
Alhamdulillah i got the university i wanted. Shizuoka Daigaku. yes its not ichiryuu daigaku but i dont give a shit about it. people target ichiryuu dai , but hey no for me. im going for an easier road. yes ichiryuu dai are just like everyone's dream to enrol but it pays a price and sadly that is something that i cant do. for me i have suffered enough studying at ibt and i am not gonna suffer or hurt myself again just to achieve this scroll of degree in japan. i am a lay back girl. so i choose a more relax road. plus i plan to take masters so yea have to rock this degree out hell well then go for masters. insyaallah will be flying there this 23rd march . Alhamdulillah once again.

then i realised oh my goodness, kena hantar lagi email kat pak cik accommodation tuh. aduyai why cant placement and accommodation just contact each other ? why do i have to inform everything aduih. life oh life. it is soo easy, isnt it.

and so then today my friend called i asking to go out. yes i am free to go out but hurmmm i dont like the way its going. you wanna go out with a girl , and the girl will go out if i go too. so what the heck ? the power is in my hand ? shut it. go date on your own and have some courage. dont drag me into it. dont hung me up cuz i said no and causes her not to go. losers. im like what the heck ? so desperate to make me go ke until a third party got involved. dont have to be  desperados babeyh. it will work eventually if its written.  the chronicles :
mr a texted me > me texted mrs b > mr a called me > me texted mrs b > suddenly mr c called me > mr a called me

oh how a lot of things happened in just a few hours. and now my parents are off to thailand cuz theres sick relative there. tho how badly i wanna go i cant do that. my passport is still being process for visa and all. goodness who knows when i might see those long forgotten relatives again. nothing is sure cuz
 its the future.

I use to make a wish on them when I caught one of them in the palm of my hand


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