down under

and here goea it. i went down south to johor.
i rasa last i went was, hurmm when saya still tak pakai tudung ?!. lol. lama tuh. now obviously, dah turun johor nih legoland la jawapannya. previously i always heard negative feedback bout it, well even malaysian themselves said it. so i witness it with myself. hahaha. my first impression is COMEL !
okay la, if i wanna compare to tokyo disneyland mmg tak sama taraf la kan. tokyo tuh the biggest nih , legoland still baru bukak. nmpak sangat diorg nak test market. my parents whom were just sitting round drinking coffee at the cafe, were approached by one of the staff, i mean no regular staff cuz their uniform is different, on how is the legoland. okay ayat english ak keling. bluek ! so now, the hotel and waterpark is under construction . non other than sunway corporation itself. reasonable la kan. sunway lagoon pon diorg buat.

and yea today berjaya help my friend on well kinda in telling the ugly truth my we should spend and have integrity as malaysian. spend inside the malaysia , to help the malaysia economy. grrrrrr boring talk.

so but today what i wanna emphasize is on how shocking it is, to see there is still people scrambling the garbage for food. ade org kaya boleh memilih mknn. oh world.


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