maulud nabi

salam maal hijrah 1434 !
basically lets selawat banyak le atas Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.
when i was a kid, i always asked myself, why i wasnt born in the era as the Prophet. nak teringin sangat jumpa Baginda..... and he is the best and most perfect guy you could ever find. :3

the masjid in taman desa. sangat aktif. hebat ! padahal major kat sini is non-muslim. perhaps because they are the minority that they turned out to be a very united community.

then , early morning i managed to send some ps games to my friends house. what became the issue was, as i text him i'm on the way, boleh pulak hang g mandi. weyh ak just wanna hand over the games la, like i noticed you mandi ke tak. lol . very hygenic person i'll say.

and along the way, my dad asked what to do with the money he saved for my education. i was like shocked! eh bapak ada simpan...? cet awat la tak habaq awai awai noh~! penat eden belajar ejar biasiswa..... 


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