living with human nuisance is absurdly stressful and unbearable. only the fittest survive .

cant agree no.more. cuz its me who create it lol ! okay .

yesterday i just had my presentation . well i wont brag much but im pretty happy and satisfied with my outcome. the presentation is like a whole life circle. its includes everything, death , science, birth and even meaningful message. what ever the comment will be, i am just happy the way it is.

i am just annoyed with people you are always around. probably because you are bored, but i just miss my subang jaya. i am not trying to boast , but that place is where my true childhood is. the people that i can be stupid with. i actually am missing my subang girls.

then today we had like loads of time to waste . morning nnth apa nnth buat handout. but all the current handout now is basically bout lifestyle in japan. then tea.ceremony, japan style syair and lastly origami. just before class end, we had to write letter of appriciation to the members of jckl for teaching us. lol. sgt la banyak masa weyhhhh


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