2nd last week.

so here i am finishing the last bits of ibt. oh how i wish this end quick. like real quick !

the past few weeks had been , well different and interesting. but that doesnt mean we are free from kanji test and textbook . yup thats right , we still study ! blurrgh !

but thankfully presentation by my fellow mates were fun. i think my only reason coming to school is to listen to my friends presentation and showing my best behavior, just so that i'll get good recomendation.

so basically of course i did skip school and hang out with some friends. lol it isnt entirely wrong considering everyone is doing it.

in contrast , there are 2 questions that really bothers me when people ask .

1. hows your result
2. when are you gonna finish ibt

goodness gracious , all i do to answer is just smile. dah terlalu letih and annoyed with those questions. perhaps i cpuld just throw a smile at them and they poof away. lol so what i thought


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