Saturday, December 1, 2012


jlpt is tomorrow. i know people doubt my  nihongo strength. but damn it. YOU igt i amik N2. i know my nihongo isnt good at all but. walla ! now i emo big time on you. perli i kat gym. then now jlpt. Sadis Melanda.

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penat tau.

friday oh friday. its always the most tiring day for me.

Thursday, November 29, 2012



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i found my clone.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


heat wave.
today is definitely hot and dry. the humidity of the weather is seriously testing my patience. but thank goodness, i believe in neraka dan syurga , in the other words i believe in Allah. it can be endured.

oh my sunday . tomorrow the school starts and i dont remember any idea whats the schedule. oh my. people started to evolves fast . faster than u can imagine. your childhood friend that you thought you knew all along, might be a stranger the next you met . as people changes comes and go , you met new people along the way. these people might enlighten your day, or worsen it every second. what ever the reason they come into your life, it has to be a new discovery for you. as for me i like to take it personal. to enjoy every characteristic that persona have and cherish it. who knows perhaps that persona had a black secret, but i wouldnt care much. i know the person from who they are now, not the past. every people had the right to change and be a new person. nothing should be kept restricted. nothing should be judge. but , every actions made should be driven into the right path. if your friend is driven, drifted away, do help them. dont let them get astray. pull them back will you ?

today is ansara rugby tournament. yes, my bad for waking up late and not picking up my friends called but, it is what it is. i didnt go. the wanted to go feeling is there, tho. really wanted to meet my friends. my parents had a kenduri near that area. but still i chooses not to go. forget all scary thoughts of having million guys around you, though it is one of the main reason but, i . . . . i just couldnt finish the sentence. a spark of regret is there, i cant deny. senang kata, ada rezeki kita jumpa la ye ! rindu to catch up the latest gossips and news HAHA

two more days, brother

its saturday ! 10 muharram. alhamdulillah berjaya jugak puasa on 9th and 10th muharram. sangat la menyakitkan sebab berada di rumah. keletihan terasa melampau ! jadi,

we had a family meal dinner. all were busy with their own sector business . its like a small restaurant. haha then suddenly my brother fried nuggets. it was like hey, thats out of the menu ?! but then he said. its been so long he hadnt eat one. im like , what ? thats the food that i consume at condo usually when we are lazy. yes, i missed my brother being home. thankfully he is home now. my holidays are great just as it is. a real  holiday would be even better, because that is how we get to spend a lot more times together as a family. but his holiday is not schedule. who knows when he'll be back. obviously , we quarrel ! but good moments just tops it all. i remembered he hated me walking beside him ,because that will make me look like his girl friend. fear not, i pon xnak people look like that too. then because he went to boarding school since form 1 i didnt get to know him well. then when he graduated from school, we didnt have the chemistry to live under the same roof. seriously i remembered the moment when it was just moments away before my fist hit him. how stupid of me to even think of hitting my own relative. how short tempered i was. how emotional i was back then. but it was him who repaired the situation. to think back its, funny, really. all because of posters. oh well. enough with the flash back drama. though how ignorant, chicky , naughty he will always be my brother.... ok this makes it look like hes dead or something. no he isnt. well he will someday when its his time.  i just know im going to missed him . my holiday is ending. so is his.

it is something brave of me writing about my brother. i usually shuts the door whenever people asked about my personal life. ill go straight away swing my mood and stop the conversation. everything else ill be really open, trust me, my conversation sometimes do get out of hand. unless i feel like opening up to someone, you are considered special to know it. sounds that i opened up to everyone. no i didnt really do that. now i felt sorry to those that keeps on asking , and i keep on shutting. an apologize is offered.

secrets. some secrets are meant to be kept away from others. secrets of who we really are, where we came from, what made us change can never be known to all. only He knows it all. how humans are just as weak as anyone could imagine.and how humans mouth are like ducks resisting to quack. how hard it is resist oneself in telling others. but there are still humans out there who can be trusted, oh how i believes this deeply. humans are unpredictable no denial but all we need is just secrets to be kept with lots of trust, don't we.

p/s : currently watching roswell drama. in case you haven't heard its and old drama back in the late 90's early 2000. obviously american made. no hell way I'm watching korean or even japanese. how i enjoy the decent culture in it. xda la nak kissing sini sana, sex scene sekejap kejap. 90210, my goodness dalam 1 episod je berapa kali ada oi ! pening pale saya tengok. bukan terasa teringin, lagi nak Muntah aduyai !