Saturday, September 1, 2012


MER-DE-KA 55!!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


theres a death at the opposite house. i think i can now write a book on death. humans really didnt know how to appriciate the breathe we took, the luxury we had, the people around us. that includes me too. to cry upon ones death is nature , but to wail is emotion. just remember we have The Great to help us.

tho sad things happen , i didnt seek for symphathy. but im shock with such ego, people become ignorant. its such a show to see how far ego can bring us to.

ibt has taken most of mine. i lost my friends , i lost the time to myself, i turn to be stress easily, i become furious fast, but most importantly lost both of my grandmothers. tho, maybe its just grandmother, to me , family is everything, so it is a big deal . the question is, will this drive me to work vigilantly hard, or will i take the easiest road ?

only He knows the future. let the time witness my history of existance.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


wrath. thats me. i own it. i need anger managment. hormone problem, pms '? does it even matter. its not easy to keep calm and cool headed. especially when you are around selfish yet glutton community. things happen for a reason, yes , theres no denial, but how far can this continue. everything remains as it is. non is gonna bow down , and non is gonna win. take note please :) i dont wanna go to ibt no. this is finale. i dont care whats the future. i maybe short minded but seriously, ibt is just freaking FTW. yea right . non will fully get what i mean. i just lost the light to hold on too. non is gonna pull me up. non is gonna offer . thats the truth. thats the freaking truth bout reality. wait till i find the light once again, can only i write a positive post of my opinion. till then let the fate be the witness. let the wind sing its song, let the bird chirp , let the river flow swiftly, let me be who i really am once again . :')

p/s : i wish tomorrow never come.

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