Saturday, July 14, 2012

tomorrow is bon odori in excite! but im scared. my surrounding had changed. thought i could run from reality but its impossible. 

ok back To main topic. Today is Friday 13 ! Yea so what . I don't believe ib those superstition cuz im a Muslim. :) tapi ADA satu bends nih la berlaku .

Saya sedang menunggu bas rapid. Lepas tu nampak okumiya sensei yang dalam perjalan pulang dari mana entah. Saya sangat la teruja Dan jerit tegur dia haha. Dia cakap dia dari bazaar malam kat belakang mana entah yang saya pun tak tahu *sigh. Lepas tu sembang sembang ejek ejek. cakap barang dia beli Mahal la bla bla bla. Macam biasa. Dan Bila Habis dia blah. 

and I continued waiting for the bus. Then few minute later, he わざわざ(purposely ) shouted my name 

アキラ !今晩私はあなたに会ったのはわたしの13日金曜日 !!

*my name* !!! Tonight I met you is my Friday 13 !

I was like hey whats that suppose to mean. And laugh frantically untill I woke up my housemate in level 6. Walla ! Talk about loudness !

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


why why why. please stop contacting me. cant bear to act nothing. im just out of time. i got only 3 months left.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


dear today, salam. i droveeeee weeeeee. send my parents to airport and then when to katang's house. how great ! seriously cool. cuz from there she took over and pickup yana and off to shah alam. borong kat so call bazaar... and pusing pusing shah alam. hahahhaha with the help of waze of course. thanx for the dayout. but yesterday was fun thooo. both i act as the manuever and giving directions :) both are fun in its own way. yesterday i manage to.stop my friend from smooking, today i bought a cigarrete . ironic !

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thnk u for today u all.and sorry to.some . peace sunway mid shah alam.

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