Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Changing the path of this drama ! Going private !

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

al fatihah

Alfatihah to pakya.

He has been the one helping me my dad. Well to keep it short my family. He's the one that help my sister b brother's in London . He'd the one that accompany me in Sabah. He's the one that help me go trough the phase or changing school. To wrap it up he's like our real pakcik.

Last I met him was during my sister's wedding and he's still healthy and concern as always bout me and my study. Al - fatihah !

In the mids of all the sadness. Not only pakya pass away, ummi's senior also passed away. How shocking. The call from Him is getting closer ! Let's keep our faith strong :)

Congrates to Malaysian hockey teen team !!! For being the champion if Asia in beating Pakistan :)

Man city woooooonnnnnnn !!!!!!

At the 91th minute !!! Sangat la beruntung. Mula mula dah ingat mu menang. Pastu nah kau .! Last minute glory ahhaha. Btw Chelsea pun menang :) and I buat mo test pun tenang =.="

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

friday sunday. Alhamdulillah

My dear stalker. thank you for the sushi !!!! it was awesome. Met you and lost my voice again #sign.chit chating while eating with you make my appetite go Up ! not good at all #sigh. But I'm glad its a success ! At last. lame gila tho ! haha funny but still i'll kept my principe tight ! its been 4 years already. Till then then went to kl sentral to send off anat and rush back to condo. late for nishii's.and ochiai's farewell but did made it in time to eat again. sadly im full, but no doubt nasi goreng ganja memang sedop !! - this time its a productive friday night. compared to last week. :) and now its sunday. oh no !


Life is such a wonderful creation of Allah

Why? Theres Islam that always teaches guides and enlights your day with the best hidayah that no one can offer.

There's friends and family.I wanna emphasize family. But somehow friends and family are correlated .

I learnt friends are fabolous !!! They make you smile smirk laugh whail and even cry. They are always cheer you even when you are distant.

To me, Awesome friends make me laugh. Makes my heart pumping and cry of joy. But friends that makes my heart warm, are close to family . And family is everything to me.I love them. Tho there are times when I hate them, but when I hate them,it didn't hurt my heart. when I fought with friend, it when overboard. It's hard to repair the bond. But family, next you know, they are already beside you.

Tadi ADA kouryuukai Ngn bebudak jepun. Omg ! Semua guys ! Sadly added my reason untuk x nak kahwin -.-" don't wanna elaborate the story and because my name is a japanese name (indirectly) , caught the attention. Lawaknya, sensei tuh ckp nnt I dapat nama boyfriend same name. Booo ! Dah la Td ADA orang sama nama, but obviously popo ! And again expected from Japanese . Tahu kewujudan iPhone je . Plus dokomo diorg la. X tahu Android? Goodness sangat la pulau mereka ye.

Then went shopping for my brother in law with sis. But you know me, kalau ajak keluar akan senang beli barang . And yea I shop ! Pastuh paling touched,I saw org Malaysia obviously,membeli barang with couple  orang oku buta. Both different race!!! Touch Gila! Mamat yg membelanja tuh cam ckp, takpe nih rm bla bla je. 50 % . The oku was reluctant. Obviously, who wouldn't. From the look of their face I can see diorg x biasa dgn harga tuh. I felt like crying. What a pure heart he have. So sweet . Alhamdulillah I got to see right before my eyes. Thank u Allah . I ain't supporting any politic party. But who wouldn't want to life so harmony yet people with different race. Go Malaysia.1malaysia of different race. Love KL !

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