Saturday, May 5, 2012

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Heres a story I wanna share.

It happened to someone close to me and my family. He is a foreigner married to the local. So yes, there are cultural differences. Well straight to the point. While the lady was in oversea, he decided to runaway. Leaving the family. It's sad.  He decided for quite some time already but just waited for his step daughter to take spm. Yet its still may and spm is like 5 months more. Why did he decide to leave so fast? Guess that he can't endure it anymore.somehow I think I understand his feeling, cuz I too had problem with his wife. So today the wife's flight back is at 2am and his flight to flee from the country is 1am. So they'll never meet again :'( that why don't go clubbing to meet ur mate yeah ahhaahha.

Ironically today I went to another majlis kenduri in gombak. Thnx to waze we arrive there fast but costly. Toll of course. Duh. They were so happily dovey in the wedding. But the future still awaits. Only He knows what's best.

See that's why I'm scared of you know what

P/s : current trend is so about pink white purple and Maher zain's song

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Friday, May 4, 2012


To my dearest stalkers. Thnk u . +.+ But before that, well let me say how unproductive and boring is my Friday night. Come on peeps. It's Friday night ?! Well I ain't asking to get drunk or partying. Just chilling is fun. But it didn't turn out that way . Didn't get to grab dinner with the girls. End up eating burger only .sadness. lost my voice after giving a useless call, that didn't mean anything. Good thing its just a false alarm. planned to watch running man. Waited and waited for my partner to get ready, but it took too long and I fell asleep. As I woke up, well, its like nothing is being planned and went to bed. Awh . I wonder, how long to I have to endure this. Sorry to say. I'll never get used to the girls here. It's weird. So little number of us. Yet so separated and distant. I guess that's the nature of girls. Wanting to be secretive and in a group. They are just good girls. Really good girls. I do sometimes feel that I'm the black sheep or something worst. Oh my am I betraying myself wooops ! One fact I gotta point out is, I'm plain weird and different. /p>

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jpj test

Wookeyh... Today taking Jpj test n my goodness boleh demam? Aiyoyo semalam slept bout 10 hours. Pastu skip school today. Wallaweyh.. nnt Friday have tp do like 4 test !!!!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

why can't u

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gotta work work work my brain... I dnt care . Tho the feeling of lust and jealousy still lurking in me . Please god help me :'(

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

I hate u

Why why ? NAPE selalu in the end the outcome is always the same.i was left alone. Sangat la x suka history because it repeats itself. Data sedih. Never like sejarah tho. Let's say bubeye someone bubye someone. But the one standing right next like a poll tu... Can't u all nampak? Sasuga otoko rashii na

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ummi bday

Hahahha well at last the plan work. Sambut bday pun Kat mamak -.-"

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