Saturday, March 31, 2012


right now trying to kumpul all the pictures videos from the wedding and compile it in a dvd for family keepsake. sad that some couldnt give cooperation.that piss me off a bit. yeah i know its your right o share it or not, but dear friend, do be frank.what bothers me so much is that my other friends even anonymous can view, but me, your friend couldnt ? shame much.  but oh well thats how human are. there might also be possibilities of technology failure too.

sedihnya x dapat pergi palestine punya event at stadium melawati T.T
did i tell u , i wanna go soo freaking badly. obviously its because of palestine related.
if only i know my akak usrah went, i would have been car pooling her car.
awh if i just ask. if she just ask. if i just reached back home early.
well thats the if part.
now since nothing can be done, i am following aqsa syarif twitt via facebook !
the least i can do to make myself as in i am present there *sigh
reached home by the end of maghrib
dinner till 10. text hajar and she said its too late. came back next year . NEXT YEAR u cakap ?
my goodness . saya ada lagi ke tak itu kuasa Allah.

but i cant ask for more. well mesti ada hikmah or something right ?
my parents are dead tired from a whole day journey in car and i cant blame them.
this is what i get for being the youngest in the family !

Friday, March 30, 2012

i LOVE you

what does it really means ?
sometimes i wonder too ;)



my very own haiku ! ehehe
nah it has nothing to do with the words.
i always said i love everyone. friendszone? yes, friendzone
but ever since u broke down, and spill out all the stories,
i am surprised.
i cant believe you, yes you, to have 2 different well total bipolar personalities.
interesting yet it makes me even scared to get marry . hahaha

and i can say this clearly that everything that happened was fun and cool.
its funny to see the reason of why it started, lol just for the sake of march
and now its ending, i am going to be frank now because that is who i am
early on its fun yet funny. cherish it so much. tho being a diary is still ok with me. with all the mini wars happened on the online social network site, almost every week we had meetings, the insanity of your jokes lol are just masterpiece. soon it developed to be quite a boring and dull agenda, i'll say. i was busy with my family, contacting other people, and so were you. you cant talk to me directly ? oh well, felt ashamed. i guess theres a number of times i keep saying it but no respond was received. just happy when i am around ? full stop ? luckily, i didnt put my heart or feeling in it. if not i would have hurt badly. experienced taught me that :) the day that you lied, you wouldnt come but you did, made my mood pumping. but thats just it. actually, i love seeing everyone coming <) i just love the way friends are. just the same to all my other friends. rethinking back, nothing had ever happen. everything is just the same. haha thank you  !
sorry to those that find this disturbing but my principe carries on
i have been holding to it since i was 15 years old
why do is still hold tightly to it ?
it is because.........
sorry, i never open the real story to anyone. always kept it safe in me. ;)