Saturday, March 10, 2012

say OKABE !
so its okabe-sensei last day ! SERIOUSLY ?
yes seriously !

and i am in charge of constructing those lovely heart to heart sentences. hypocrite much.
felt like i am just lying to myself
practically on my behalf, i got  so many things to say, so many bitter memories i had with sensei, so many ups and downs, but because one of the friends ( aka classmate ) requested me to write the letter, i cant reject. well, if you know what i mean.

and so i wrote the letter, edit the photograph taken (with the help of photoshop ) and  pasted in the huge "good-bye" card. well, before that , then during lunch time, went to print it out. FWUH ~ what a day,
well yet i havent mention that me and my friends bought a black forest cake too.
we did rush a bit haha
but was it all worth it ?
i cant regret

p/s : went back home, and lost all my spirit to study LOL
      just LOVE my family. they always makes me feel so chillin' :D
      and yes, during oral test, i was praised because my voice sounds very ladylike WTH am i not now ?!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

lately pms maybe, maybe not. 
i always find meticulous matters to be very undeniably annoying
i detest seeing those who did great to cover themselves with good attitude, modest clothing , but on the inside, is just as evil as we are on the outside.
so why so hypocrite ? why lie and act you are such a goody-goody like angel , when you are just the same, swearing and talking dirty ! 
because of guys / girls ? because of your peers ? because you parents said so ?
please dont give the reason because of religion, because the percentage of people in this world that actually hold to that firmly is so little 
i dont want religion to be blame EVER !

oh boy its cnat be help cant it . 
because the satan is always around

i want !