Friday, February 10, 2012

my birthday is tomorrow
just cant wait
seriously ? nah the number is getting bigger but oh well, nothing can be done
yet i received my first gift already !
thank you my hommie UMMI NAJWA AQILAH !!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

sis married he moved in.
oh i just gotta wear my hijab everytime i went out of my room *sigh

did i told u , mu is always so ever lucky ?
2 penalties at the end of the match ?
that is like uber miracle .
but for the record mu always gets their last chances last minutes

 " Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur "

Liverpool were held to an eighth League draw at Anfield this season by a determined Tottenham side.
awesome  much ?! was hoping spurs to win tho.
but a draw is a draw . oh well

now watching project runaway all stars.
how cliche is that ?
antm had their all stars series, and with an undeniable conspiracy winner
what about project runaway ? urmmmmm ....
yes they do have a new twist.
project runaway without heidi klum and tim gun
i am so gonna miss the phrase
 " make it work "

Sunday, February 5, 2012

maulud nabi

سلام  مولد رسول‎ 

and because tomorrow is sister's wedding, we work like

hahahah yeah its crazy. and alhamdulillah all the hantaran is DONE !

cuti lagi tho !
heppi nyah asyik cuti je non-stop but
my my exams getting tougher , but oh well. like i care that much .
since i had this agreement with my parents i think i can live just a little bit longer


btw last nite was a chillinh night. well frankly speaking thnk you to MAA for coming to my condo and drive me round yeah and off ! goodness people really didnt sleep . of course
its only half past 8 or so

p/s : sis wedding is tomorrow , and Oh Mai Gee how busy i'm going to help prior to the "nikah" on monday =.='