yes, i decided to reset my phone. it seems as if i am deleting , erasing my past. this past 6 month is the memory i wish to delete. i am a coward yes, i know. i am not that strong you know, not just that, im getting a new haircut. new resolution ( which i doubt i'll follow) but there is no harm to make one. new style for myself. new room improvement.  new year is coming so what better time to do it. this year has been rough and bumpy . seriously i wish there was a time machine to forward time. no wonder the movie 13 going 30 existed. yes , sometimes we hope we lived in a dream .

maybe i haven't mention earlier but currently i am in conflict with my parents. it may seems unreal but believed me, i do have conflicts with family. it gets worst when your siblings are also involved suddenly. because of it there is so many things i am restricted. so many things, i am not able to do. last week i stayed home all week long. kinda grounded , except i went out with family only. friends are not allowed. and that also brought me to last minute cancelation on this hiking event. how humiliating , sad , disappointed . i wanna go so badly. if not now ( while i am still young and fit ) when will it be. arrrgggh ! i just wish they would understand me. take note, please dont have kids when you are aged already. like me, my parents and i are not living in the same world. i just wish we are on the same page .


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