i wanna pray too

today i encounter some what touches my heart. a boy sternly said to his mother i wanna pray too.
it was after i performed my zhuhur solat and i was busy folding the telekung when a mother with two children, boy and a girl came beside to pray.
so upon hearing what the son said, the mother tied the kain telekung to her son, but he refused it and said, im not a girl, i dont pray with telekung. seeing her brother wanted to pray, the little girl said the same thing to her mother, that she wanted to pray. as the boy was getting ready for takbirratul ikhram, the sister was beside him, disturbing his way. ' you pray with mother, there" and he prayed first, followed by the mother and then girl .

what touches my heart is, this boy so little yet isnt compulsory to pray wanted to do so. i wonder those yang dah besar gedabak tuh yang x reti nak solat solat lagi. tapi betul la, ada kemungkinan budak nih tidak semestinya berterusan baik samapai dewasa , tetapi sekurang kurangnya kecik kecik dah jinak dgn agama , moga berterusan. my prayers goes to all :D


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