and goodness me. my eyes dah bengkak melampau la kan.

this few days im like the driver for my parents but oh well, cant be help it. at least i enjoy driving. everyday i learn something new, tricks and tips on the road, and human behavior during driving.
and so did went to a fabric wholesale store, and it triggered me. how this lovely flowy fabric so irresistible . alas, i decided to sew. bump onto my sj mate, so she encourage me to do some simple lace and i did. and the outcome wasnt that bad for a rookie like me. well, at least sewing is better than baking or cooking imo. i dont indulge myself in excessive tasting and eating. both requires ( well what didnt ) patience.

this new year, saya dah plan cantek punya nak hiking and camping. then when midnight struck tgk fireworks . please please Ya Allah make it happen. tho i know i am currently in a conflict but this is one thing i dont wanna miss. till then. 


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