thank you and please help me just a little bit more

salam and happy monday blues. got my mood on and off. i was clueless of what day is today this morning. means that i havent been really close to Him lately. and i should change that. im swiftly drifted away as the exam getting nearer. aint good at all. gotta be close to Him once more. please. U are my everything

and last night thnk u dear friend . for the sudden visit. well if u wouldnt had come, ill be fast sleeping , but well at least i got some humanoid interaction apart from gossiping and intelectual talk. just chilling is cool with me. and out of the blue a thought came across me. how happy i am to be single. no dont get me wrong. even if im in a relation, theres no meaning and conclusion to it. since i still hold on to my ground. i notice liverpool game was on but couldnt care less to watch. friends time. did try not to swear, but dang it failed again. ayoyoyo bila la nk berubah

and tomorrow is eju mogi shiken. damn it. nihongo is like a sadback for me. how it pull me down. but just cant stop now, gotta push.myself till the end. lets go.

speaking of going, punctuality  is very important actually . which will u choose ? to wait for ur friend but had to be late ? or be on time but had to leave ur friends behind.? for me ill.... well im harsh. :)

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