heat wave.
today is definitely hot and dry. the humidity of the weather is seriously testing my patience. but thank goodness, i believe in neraka dan syurga , in the other words i believe in Allah. it can be endured.

oh my sunday . tomorrow the school starts and i dont remember any idea whats the schedule. oh my. people started to evolves fast . faster than u can imagine. your childhood friend that you thought you knew all along, might be a stranger the next you met . as people changes comes and go , you met new people along the way. these people might enlighten your day, or worsen it every second. what ever the reason they come into your life, it has to be a new discovery for you. as for me i like to take it personal. to enjoy every characteristic that persona have and cherish it. who knows perhaps that persona had a black secret, but i wouldnt care much. i know the person from who they are now, not the past. every people had the right to change and be a new person. nothing should be kept restricted. nothing should be judge. but , every actions made should be driven into the right path. if your friend is driven, drifted away, do help them. dont let them get astray. pull them back will you ?

today is ansara rugby tournament. yes, my bad for waking up late and not picking up my friends called but, it is what it is. i didnt go. the wanted to go feeling is there, tho. really wanted to meet my friends. my parents had a kenduri near that area. but still i chooses not to go. forget all scary thoughts of having million guys around you, though it is one of the main reason but, i . . . . i just couldnt finish the sentence. a spark of regret is there, i cant deny. senang kata, ada rezeki kita jumpa la ye ! rindu to catch up the latest gossips and news HAHA


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