human. money. humanity

this past few days, banyak benda berlaku. with all those Israelis invading Gaza, how i spend my holiday life, racism, human, and money.

but i feel not talking bout the gaza problem just yet. its a trend , so i dont feel like writing bout it. let others say first , let the professional had their saying, and ill watch and put out my opinion when its the right time to do so.

what caught my attention lately is obviously money. Businessmen . what are they and where are they heading to. sorry to say , but ill choose money over love. realistic talk what love can really do ? money ? everything. from now on, what im going to say might contradict but the real message is simple. also perhaps this didnt apply to all but mostly.

Alhamdullillah saya dilahirkan dari keluarga yang sederhana. yes, it will be everyones dream to be raise as a daughter/son of a mogul multi millionaire company , but the risk from duniawi to akhirawi sangat la banyak. cut it short my main point is businessmen are heartless. as i were saying, i came from a modest family, even if i watch a family with children by their side riding and old 80's car the word sympathy automatically came across my mind. how i wanted to help them . how i wanted to change peoples life, yes i should put myself first in changing my life, but it cant be help it. why cant we move forward together? why cant we be together? why cant the rich mingle with the poor? because of that reason, my life had been stirred differently. i agreed not to take peoples money unnecessarily. you know, they work they asses off just to get those money and this businessmen took their money away by putting high cost on items that isnt worth it. talk about consumers right, yes , but if everyones buying, these businessmen need not worry to pull the price down. lately prices of the items in market aren't plunging at all. its going the opposite, and thats bad. bad for the future. aint just individually but for the whole nation.

kalau mahal tapi kualiti lawa, takde sape akan bising. tapi kualiti x seberapa, harga melampau. bila saya nak beli barang pun saya terpaksa pikir 10 kali. jadi tak terkejut kalau my friend ckap i shop lama cuz i do overthink bout the consumer right and price. bukan tak mampu nak beli barang tapi tak berbaloi. satu benda saya selalu fikir is, the money flow. ke arah mana duit saya akan pergi dan kepada sape yg menerimanya. sudah tentu, di Malaysia semua orang dah tahu. duit di Malaysia circled among those cha ya nun alif. sebab tuh during Mahathir as our prime minister he had to open the scholarships to non malay dan bumiputera ( well he intended too for the sake of himself too ) . sebab the economy is being controlled by them. and one of the main reason why i discard my science love and went for economy although i know the big risk in getting a job is racism towards Malay. yes you got that right, racism towards malay in Malaysia itself. nanti saya keluarkan article based on the researched done.

so, dalam pandangan businessman la kan, diorg tak rasa bersalah or kesian ke amik duit melampau dari orang lain especially yang miskin. prinsip selagi boleh kikis duit orang tu selagi tuh amik ke ? ived watched how businessman sanggup mintak sign from his business partner in his deathbed. dah atas katil nak operate pon ada hati mintak sign. orang tuh dah la mati oi! on their point of view, kalau contract tak selesai lagi susah, why need sympathy when life is about one dead one borned. itulah duniawi !

to wrap it all up, business is scary.businessmen are heartless. to exaggerate they are similar to Zionist. yes i got many warnings from people surround me discouraging me to drop my dream in pursuing this area. its dangerous and painful. tapi sampai sekarang im in dilemma whether to let my money flow in the country or outside the country. dalam negara i hate to admit, it went to them and they just pisses me off with all the racism. kalau luar negara , diorang tolong israel pulak. adoyai ! tapi, ived made up my mind now :D


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