friday a week more

this morning i was shocked by a birthday wish . how ironic. my first expression was what the heck ? like seriously. in what world are you living in . cuz all the bunkei japanese studs whether u want it or not, will remember my bday. its in the history of japan. and therefore public holiday :)! haha okay that was harsh. actually dia bukan my friend in ibt thats why. pastu my classmate tetiba cakap, dia tersilap date kot. from 11.02 to 02.11 LOL tp comel. siap siap berpantun lg  .

then then semalam a friend of mine line ckap dah beli.assasin creed 3. GILA !!! nak pinjam ! haha this is me , cuz game ps mahal jd tukar tukar game ngn kawan. then hari ni izuan ckap kakak dia dah beli what ?! ada hati pulak ckap. mmg saya pinjam la kan. x larat saya nk membei smua. but on second thought, assasin creed is a game that worth every penny. so, hurm

lagi seminggu, insyallah !

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