focus is something hard for me. its a challenge for me to focus n concerntrate on one thing at a certain time.

what more is left in me, i am still searching. the confidence that once filled my anatomy had now flew into the thin air. only a broken and lifeless corpse remains. i need to be happy to excel, but pure gunuine happiness is like finding a pearl in the deep blue ocean.i need people. i need care.  i need attention. but if i cant even give back whats the function.  haha wth ? mumble much

yes thanx. this week i learnt whats bonifire day, double seven, and racism in  employing sector . its a shocking based on the research that even in Malaysia itself, malay is being discriminate. goodness, what more gonna happen to this country. let pray and urge others to fight this. insyallah.

now my pahlawan blood is gushing like waterfall . haha such hyperbola
ps: look how we, the ibt peeps conquer the stall. sampai tlg bungkus makanan sbb service dia very slow.

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