someone. peers.

rainy week. cant believed what i just heard. ok no doubt since i choosed to enter mrsm, my circle of friends are  always corelated to one another. whether i want it or not. betul la apa pepatah tu, anak mara selamanya. fwuh. on the bright.side, nasib baik la saya kluar spc k. nerang tu. kalau x, itll be a never ending mrsm mates. tp dont get me wrong, the friends in kmkn are friends to be cherish for ur entire life.

so heres the thing, was chit chatting with zo, menganjing nganjing about his school, oh plain  kiddies talk. then bla bla bla he popped a question
"u kenal balqish tak?"
"errr....ada pernah dgr. jap.  ada berapa balqish kat sane?"
"only one. and dia mention nama kau waktu kotaorg lepak. last week. "

in my mind i had this persons face, but cant be sure i let him talk, to ensure i was right on the person.

"kau tak pernah jumpa dia secara reality ah, tp kau kenal..."
"dia kat mana belajar skrg?"

ping pong !!!!
lululolo so tepat la. its her. camna nnth boleh tahu kewujudan dia. kmkn la tuh if im not mistaken. but something for sure is shes my friends ex. im so excited. i appreciate those  who know me. im at the stage where i love all the people i met and enjoy meeting all of them. it has always been my dream to meet all my friends back, whether from.kindergarten nor i just befriend with yesterday. i wanna travel and meet all of them. solid reason ? i lost my childhood friend. i felt that im mean, im a person who didnt appreciate a relationship. so it wont happened again.

so dear balqish, if u read this, i really wanna meet u someday. i wanna have a chat, and get to know u more. cuz im friendly like that (ノ´∀`*)

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