oh tidak.

cant believed youll be reading my blog . but oh well it was made public for a reason. for my ideas and feeling to be express and pointed out. as much as i hate my life theres a jewel for me to cherish and live on.

monday blues always has its story. a week ago it was red bull stratos felix jump. amazingly it was a success. i cant believed such attempt  could be achieved. and here i wanna thank the twitter and smart phone apps for bringing me that news. if i were to stuck like normal, i wouldnt get any outside news apart from ibt news. worst than asrama ill say. u gotta find knowledge on ur own. i mean really stand with ur own feet.

today its, im so sleepy news. nah . to male it short, thnx hubby sbb belanja makan malam isteri isteri mu. :333 gendang gendut tali kecapi,perut kenyang muka pon happy.  

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