morning sunshine

morning to all. and good evening to all.
today marks the day where i create a fashion disaster haha. wore all jeans based clothing . if i were in hollywood , damn sure ill get sued. haha.

this is my last week to determined what lies in the weeks ahead. im bored of writing sad and sadden story. its a relieved medication but cant really do much. i tend to seek for something concrete. do forgive me for being weak. its a hiatus to write one for now then.


nope thats not curse , but family & friends. i cant thnked enough, for whom i was companied by. family just cant stop to care for me, and i got friends who just keep buzzing and updating the latest gossip. haha. wished i could hug all of them. thats where my air hug fever started. ill only do that if i find the time spend is worth it. if not, ill just be so bitchy . oppsss.

1 more month till eju and im still acting like theres 1more year. goodness. this what happens when u know u got backup plan. but i dont intend to pursue the back up plan. i want this and only this

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