tau x saya lapar gila ! sampai tahap dewa karma ! fullamak. nak ckap x makan, i ate homemade spagetti yg my mom buat. thanx. tp nmpak x ? perut saya besar sangat tangki dia, even the senseis are making fun of me. haih hahaha.

then today i had a hard time trying to take abolution. no its nothing personal but just kids, playing water , cracking some jokes like theres no EJU in less than a week. hahah made my day tho, pastu nak g bli mknn kat konbini kena halang by sensei cuz its jishuu time. oh well. the workoholic  robotic japanese .

then then, my friend ajak g singapore. like wow ! sape x nak vacation after EJU kan . tp mmg saya lelaki bleh perg ngn u and ur family kan. haish. and u know me, i susag nak reject people's offer thats making it even harder. tp i x tanya my parents lagi la . the thing is he ajak to go with his mom n baby bro. saya takut tahap karma nak ckap ngn lelaki dah lepas nih ......... tolongggggggg

the actual main point is actually chelsea kalah. tu je. im very sad cuz dah la kalah with the team i hate the most, mu. tahap karma sedih.

so the topic of today is karma.
p/s: somehow i think now, i had found the jewel of being in ibt. thanx. 

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