i got so many things to write. so many things to share. but im just tired. im in a fatique condition. seriously. problem arise one by one. of dear Allah save me. [update] i will now cherish the people who cared for me. i will always be grateful. i will not be choosy no more. i will give respond and not just be a silent listener. " take care. walk safely. its dangerous out there" " take care of her. dont u do anything to her." " jalan hujan hujan nih bahaya. jaga diri" yes they care. till what extend. just those sweet wishes are just the surface. sedar atau tidak, non volunteer to accompany the girl. tho the danger awarness of girl walking with a guy alone in a big city is significant, all they could do is say. no action taken. that is life. human just talk.and talk.wait till a serious case happened then will they only repend their mistakes. but action wise, they arent there to help u nor really be there for you. how human is such a good hypocrite and liar. how human forgets easily their prophet teachings and put religious thought second not first. how sad has the world become. this is my thought. so its free to say. math class is schedule to have recess at 12 till 1. that is before zohor time. well, while you still got the power and freedom to speak , why dont you change it to 1-2 like usual. have recess like normal. yes the class starts late , but we can adjust. we are humans not robot. what shocked me was, we are still a Muslim still in Malaysia yet, why dont you defend to have prayer time first. why do you prefer not to offend humans feeling but not creator. why do u procrastinate to pray at 3:30. this isnt a situation where theres no other choice. if u are still living, u can.make a change. but, clearly this shows who Malaysians are. i dont know , perhaps this is too much emotional feeling being mixed up but, tak ke sedih kita lambat kan solat. para sahabat nabi dahulu kala berperang darah tegakkan agama agar dapat sampai sekrang. kita pulak amik ringan dan pentingkan belajar. keberkatan Allah itu amat penting. keberkatan cikgu juga penting. tapi mana satu pilihan anda? lets muhasabah for a better muslim and muslmah in the future. im just to tired and lazy to voice all my opinions out. i, i love myself more now. i wont sacrifice for others no more. ill put up my ego suits back, and love only myself. astaghfirullah alazim.


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