never ever felt this before . i know, life is hard. this is how it really feels to be in this state. but why is it happening to me. i aint that strong to endure  all this. it hurts mentally and psysically. totally , i wish i had drunk that bottle of lethal chem. i wish i had met doremon. i wish i just owned my very own time travel machine. i dont wanna know whats the result. my next two weeks result. ived been crying all night. cant you see. cant you feel it. i know you do. i know you always listen. what happened didnt make me to strive. but it let me down. its killing me inside bit by bits. i cant imagine whats the future holds . my eyes are just too fragile. it keeps on responding to my feelings. how i wish everything will stop. please . i beg u. please answer my calling with a positive feedback. i , i  just cant.smiles can hide the sadness, but the eyes just cant lie. this isn't the first time having this emotions. im near towards the edge now. im so close to ..... 
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