18 hari

tuesday yes. did very bad in bunpou. wtf. daily ill have that test.so insyallah gradually will improve.

so today i ask Amir. if he has mixed blood or not. i mean seriously, muka dia muka mix. i.xnak la ckap muka.mix mana kan. hahahah  but not just me, farah pon think the same. owh. i was doing milo for razin when dia sound , " relax relax la chill. " sebab i buat , satu pantry tu gegar, very clumsy me. HAHA and ping pong !! theres my chance.sebab dia nih snyap cam haram. and i pulak.kecoh cam gila, to suddenly start asking tu  mmg weird  but got my chance. and dia cam, denying it again, but then stop and tried to rethink when konishi sensei interfered.  damn it. so in conclusion its a failure.  aiyoyo gotta try again next time.

and so luqman gave his explanation. man i wont say anything bout ur statement. u really is sensitive and can easily sense whats going on. oh well. hope u keep that to urself. i aint gonna disturb u no more.

ve been lying all my life.just dont know when itll stop , when the truth is gonna be reveal, when im gonna be brave enough to face reality.

p/s : im.on.hiatus.in.twitter. was shocked to know my friend in aaj gila study. goodness. i sound like a slut in this post. all about guys. goodness. aint like that actually actually it eats ur soul tau when u help other people. no , i mean for me its satisfaction to help , really. but when u know the ugly truth of the story, the concealed story, it hurts. adoyai. now im trying to absorb positive aura only. negative ones u r please to poof from my life. im gonna stand on my feet, firmly. bismillah

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