9th september

its 9th september

theres so many open houses lined up, and i choose which to go. this is painful. i hate to let people down, because i hate when people do the same to me. argh ! so i end up following my parents. damn its a long way. its tiring. but on the bright side im glad i followed them, why ? its the matter of family. recently so many of my relatives died. i felt that the urge to closer the family relationship is getting stronger. now i know, tok long had 8 childrens , all scattered all over, from free lance artist to university professor. thats why no matter which path you choose, choose according to ur passion and ability.

then we were off to some open houses. dang ! to get out of ampang took us bout 1 hour. how i hate ampang. always jammed pack. yg open house nih dah la geng golf bapak. luckily my dad isnt the type yg sanggup g main kat luar negara tu. i find it membazir wang. even if you are that rich, i believe do support the local economy.

then, i x gi my ibt frens punya open house. pastu my kmkn mate pulak i terlepas. (=.=") its near shah alam je, but oh my goodness, i just cant describe how sorry i am to you. malas nak explain why i couldnt attend, cuz if i were in ur place i woundnt bother to listen. a no is still a no. nothing cant change that. well, i dont know why but, not attending makes me wanna cry. did cry lol. dah bergizillion of times i always said no. i felt im the worst. please , i wish i was more independent. i wish i ..... a wish is still a wish without any effort. my sister always asked me to stop crying, she didnt want me to be sad, to be a loser. she said be stronger and dont cry. dont cry for others. love yourself. now the question is, am i that strong ?



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