who knows the day u had the uttermost sadback in the morning, could bring you smile at the end of the day. that is my today. exams are like forever following me. it wont stop untill i stop it. that is scoring straight into bullseye. this week is currently the week where us students flying off. i gotta admit that country was where i am aming for. but i believe He knows best. seeing my friend gotta fly and enroll into the top notch uni makes me envy. in school i used to be above them. i was the one they look up to, and now its the opposite. that is life. thats what they say as justice. He always gives every what they deserve.

and today the result for a level is out. congratulate to those that achieved oustandingly well till meet up its requirement. frankly speaking, who arent jealous . japan study ia freaking hard. i had never experienced myself undo such stress before. in contrast, thanx to my friends who did well.in their course, triggered me to do the same. each of us takes different road, but the goal is the same , right ?

so dont stop just yet. theres still time. just believe in yourself once more.

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