i was pranked big time. damn it. but its funny. totally. then this morn , gossiped with rose, goodness rindunya...... i miss everyone. i miss my friends . its not that i didnt appriciate those in ibt, but i see them 24/7 u do get what i mean. dont you.

as time flies , theres only 3 months left for me to struggle. im scared of the future. someone please help me . please make it come true . i can only pray n hope for u my dearest ALLAH.

within this 3 months i gotta work like hell. but im not like that. usually people whos from the science stream is smart and did well rather than the arts stream..in the other words science is harder than arts.  sadly im reversed . i as i shift from science to art stream, my brain seens to have its moment of hiatus. it just wont work. im worst in the art stream . i love science but, cant persue there. why , now comes the hardest part. im starting to write university essay. OH NO.!

p/s go olympic malaysia. tapi.kalau free baskin robin, meletup la peti ais ku. kat berkotak dulu pun x makan lagi.  haiyay

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