To my dearest stalkers. Thnk u . +.+ But before that, well let me say how unproductive and boring is my Friday night. Come on peeps. It's Friday night ?! Well I ain't asking to get drunk or partying. Just chilling is fun. But it didn't turn out that way . Didn't get to grab dinner with the girls. End up eating burger only .sadness. lost my voice after giving a useless call, that didn't mean anything. Good thing its just a false alarm. planned to watch running man. Waited and waited for my partner to get ready, but it took too long and I fell asleep. As I woke up, well, its like nothing is being planned and went to bed. Awh . I wonder, how long to I have to endure this. Sorry to say. I'll never get used to the girls here. It's weird. So little number of us. Yet so separated and distant. I guess that's the nature of girls. Wanting to be secretive and in a group. They are just good girls. Really good girls. I do sometimes feel that I'm the black sheep or something worst. Oh my am I betraying myself wooops ! One fact I gotta point out is, I'm plain weird and different. /p>

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