Heres a story I wanna share.

It happened to someone close to me and my family. He is a foreigner married to the local. So yes, there are cultural differences. Well straight to the point. While the lady was in oversea, he decided to runaway. Leaving the family. It's sad.  He decided for quite some time already but just waited for his step daughter to take spm. Yet its still may and spm is like 5 months more. Why did he decide to leave so fast? Guess that he can't endure it anymore.somehow I think I understand his feeling, cuz I too had problem with his wife. So today the wife's flight back is at 2am and his flight to flee from the country is 1am. So they'll never meet again :'( that why don't go clubbing to meet ur mate yeah ahhaahha.

Ironically today I went to another majlis kenduri in gombak. Thnx to waze we arrive there fast but costly. Toll of course. Duh. They were so happily dovey in the wedding. But the future still awaits. Only He knows what's best.

See that's why I'm scared of you know what

P/s : current trend is so about pink white purple and Maher zain's song

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